Sunday, January 16, 2011

MoMo is turning 4!

My sweet littlest girl, my Hawaiian born baby, is turning 4 tomorrow!
Lilia entered the world at breakneck speed, and has rarely slowed down since.
She was born on our 3rd anniversary. (Luckily we have 2, so we celebrate our on the other one now!)
In the past year, she has switched her obsession with robots to a fascination with all things kitten. Pink is still out and Yellow reigns supreme in the Kingdom of Princess Lili Momo. She adores riding carousels and bouncing at Monkey Joe's. Donuts are still her favorite food. Lollipops are the candy of choice.

So here are some pics of Momo  - at the hospital, one year, two years and three years.
We're not doing anything big for her birthday. Just a visit from her favorite cousins for a birthday play date today and family celebration tomorrow.

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