Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Chosen Ones

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Mandi is Rock-Star awesome and she could accomplish more in one week in my old house than I could do in a month (let's be honest) a year, but The Good Home is a big ol' lady and I can't leave her naked while I hope and dream that we somehow win this thing! (if visualizing something can lead to getting it, we are winning this thing!)

Without further ado - Here are the colors I picked out yesterday from Benjamin Moore-

Man, scanning paint chips is NOT a good way to show off colors! I would look at these and say,

"Hey, 1984 was a long time ago, but not quite vintage yet! Ya planning on adding some white geese with blue bows round their necks?"

I promise they are NOT that bad!

I will be tweaking them a bit and adding colors but it's a starting point. Most of the house will be white initially anyway because I am stressed enough just trying to get moved and I don't need to add more stress.

The Palisades Park green is meant to be an accent color. It's just a great vintage-y green.

The Palladian Blue is a really great greyed blue/green color that I love. I am planning on putting it in the kitchen. This, or some variation, will probably pop up elsewhere in the house too.

Hubs has already declared my creamy yellow, Swan's Mill Cream, "boring".
Actually he said, "Do you want something this blah to be people's first impression of the house?" (It was going in the entry) Floored me! I chose it so he wouldn't freak out! I have some great yellow vintage plates/platters I may color match.

The Dove's Wing is a soft pale greige and really lovely. I am planning on using it on the kitchen cabinets. It's another color that may show up again in various shades.

The white is for the trim we have to paint around the house. Much of our lower trim is really battered and paint may be it's only salvation!

So there you have it - my initial picks - Subject to change - Well, pretty much guaranteed to change.

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