Sunday, November 28, 2010

What"s Happenin'

After my little guy spilled the dregs of my coffee on my keyboard my space bar ceased to function all together and pressing my Enter key put my computer into standby mode and the pressing the Backspace key shut the entire thing down. I searched for hours for a solution.
My husband woke up, looked at it for about a minute, unplugged the keyboard and headed to Office Depot.
My poor keyboard was killed by a few errant dribbles of coffee! Impossible!
30 minutes later I have a shiny new Keyboard that cost $9 and works beautifully and the "E" key is still entirely visible even!
So now I can type again. It's weird though, getting used to a new keyboard. This is one of those fancy ergonomic numbers and my fingers are not fancy ergonomic numbers. They are incompetent-don't-know-how-to-type-like-every-other-adult-in-the-free-world numbers and they are having issues with our shiny new friend.
Other than that, I am trying to get some projects done for Christmas, I am working on a stocking for Little Guy. Momo's felt donuts are cut out, and I am trying to recreate bark out of felt for the "logs" in Princess' felt campfire set. I am making I-Spy mug rugs for teacher gifts and I joined a card swap to help get me back in a creating and creative mode and I have a great idea for those, if I can pull it off! (If only I had one of those dandy Silhouette machines!)
Plus, I really want to make one of these for my dad who is getting ready to retire -
Julie from Joy's Hope guest blogging at Infarrantly Creative

(Oh, and I just may have to do a "test run" and make one for myself! Isn't it the greatest?!)

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SplendorFalls said...

That sign is awesome! I think I need one too!