Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making Cleaning Baskets Leads To A New Dollar Store Obsession

I recently received a flyer in the mail for a new store, Lucky 9 Store, where everything is priced from $.69 up to $1.89. I love a dollar (or under $2) store! The flyer disappeared, but I was determined to find the place. I wanted to go without the kids and I finally had my opportunity yesterday. When Jeff woke up, I took off.

It was a bit further than I expected, but so worth the drive. The place was HUGE! They had the regular dollar store stuff, but also a section of Japanese import stuff! I spent a ridiculous amount of time there. Jeff actually called to see if I was alright. He gets antsy when I leave him alone with the kiddos!

I may have developed a new obsession with bentos and Japanese cleaning/household items in general.
Here was just a little of what I found. I seriously need to go back and buy more!
(I was not sure how they would feel about my picture taking so there aren't too many. I took the pics with my phone, so please excuse the poor quality!
Little paper food cups for bentos!

Darling fillable/reusable condiment holders!

Rice molds! Teddy bear face and smiley faces!

Lovely dishes

Bento boxes in all shapes, colors and sizes!

Aren't those the cutest kitchen sponges you have ever seen!?
Here is some of what I brought home
darling stacked bento box

The cutest stationary I have ever seen in my life! (and there were others!!)

My personal haul - including darling sewing stuff &origami paper
All of the stuff from my personal haul was from the $1.89 section. Most of the Japanese import stuff was in that area.I felt like I was splurging LOL!

I had actually gone there to make cleaning sets for my little kiddos. I made them with simple, basic stuff, rather than the more expensive Japanese cute stuff.(expensive being $1.89!, but it did add up!) I may trade out for the cute stuff if these work out and as they need to replace things.
Amelie's set is mostly pink and Lilia's is mostly yellow/orange. They each have a plastic handled basket to hold everything, a feather duster, a microfiber mitt, a small broom/dustpan, a cloth, a spray bottle and rubber gloves (Japanese size small gloves are way smaller than American size small!).

I filled their spray bottles with a very mild solution of water/dish soap/vinegar. They are super excited and got right to work doing chores. (though they are a bit spray-happy we have to work on some restraint there!)

One of my goals is to teach my kiddos the value of doing chores and how to do housework properly. I have a list of jobs for each of the girls - some things they are able to do on their own. I do not correct anything they do on their own and I do not go back and redo it. I want them to own their work and be proud of it.  Some things they are learning and will do with me until they master them.  These chores may involve some small corrections/do-overs until they learn to do it on their own. They have to do chores each morning and evening. Right now they just love it and beg to do them. I hope they keep up the enthusiasm!

I realized while I was there that Thomas would not be happy without his own set, so I put a few things together for him also. His bottle will just hold water, and not much of it! Right now he just follows along and tries to copy the girls or me. He's too cute!

I grew up in a house with no real structure, and certainly no chores/cleaning, so I am learning along with my kiddos. I really don't want to repeat what my parents did. (though I love my parents dearly, housekeeping and organization are basic life skills we were not taught)
Do you have any tips/tricks/advice for teaching kids to do chores?


Jackie Russell said...

WOW! I think I would like house work if I had some cool colored cleaning stuff like that. Can I come help? And would I get my own basket? Green please! I think it's great that you are teaching them the basics.

Suzanne said...

Could you share the Lucky 9 Store address. I would love to check some of these things out.

Milica said...

Jackie - LOL! Anyone willing to clean is welcome at my house 24/7 and I'll provide a super cute green themed cleaning set for your pleasure!
Suzanne- The store is on Olive not too far from Ariel, just a little east, in a shopping center with a giant seafood market. I realized, thinking about it, that it might not actually be called the Lucky 9 store, it says "99cent mall" on my debit account. So now I'm wondering if I didn't make up the name in my head. Oh well, I like Lucky 9 store better so that's what I'm calling it!