Thursday, February 24, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

I won! I won! I won!
I am positively giddy!
I entered the giveaway on the STLMQG (Saint Louis Modern Quilt Guild) site and I was one of the winners of a $50 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop!!!!

Now I am faced with the daunting task of choosing something!
I have become the Queen Royal Highness of Indecision.
I am way better at spending my own money, than spending a gift certificate.
I just feel some weird pressure to make sure my purchase is perfect when it's "free" money. Shouldn't it be the opposite?
Here are some things I am thinking about

The Soul Blossoms came to mind immediately because my daughter chose the line for the quilt I am making her for graduation. Here's the pattern I am thinking of for it.
Cirlicue Crush by Chasing Cotton  
 Or should I get something just for me...
Here are some other contenders-
Fat Quarter Bundles-
Parisville - need I say more?

I have loved this fabric forever

I really like the colors in this one and that font print - *LOVE*

ok, I will be getting this for my yellow and kitten obsessed MoMo. But, will I use the gift certificate for it?!

One of my favorite baby sets ever, and with two babies of unknown gender expected in the family soon, this could come in handy!

Yardage I love
Innocent Crush - Oh how lovely you are...

 Central Park - How I'd love to bring you home for a visit!

And they have loads of other things that I could go on and on with
Sweet little dots?
Maybe a kit!?
(check out this fun Sudoko quilt kit!)
So you see my dilemma?!
My budget cannot handle me buying everything (though I wish it did!)
What would you buy?
Save me from the torture of indecision!


Nancy said...

ha ha...I just won two 1/2 yards on QuiltTaffy this morning and had the same problem...couldn't I am no help to you..But what a "problem" to have!! lol

Milica said...

I agree! If this is the worst problem I have I am doing pretty good!