Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter, Winter, Go Away!

I am definitely over winter.
I am usually over winter about two days into it. I just don't find the cold and wind and snow inviting.
I tend to hole up and do little to nothing by this point in the winter.
I am not a cold weather/ short day kind of girl.
Earlier this week the weather was so gorgeous we were taking long walks outside wearing short sleeves and opening windows and I was just waiting to see the soft greens and tiny pastel flowers of early spring show up to replace the dull dead grays, yellows and browns of their overwintering fore bearers.
Walking around Mallard Lake at Creve Coeur Park

But it was just a tease. (Not funny Mother Nature!)
We are back to cold and wet and icky.

Knowing Spring is so close has made the end of winter even harder to bear!

So I am really trying to shake off these winter blues.

I've been looking for some motivation in the housework department.
I made a schedule but it is a work-in-progress still and probably will be for awhile, but at least I am working on it!
I found The Company Girls and I am linking up to them for the first time! So far I love doing the daily Small Things challenge we receive each day. I feel like I am doing great when I know I can check one task off my list that day!
Yesterday we did "makeovers" on whatever we wanted. I made over my messy Master Bath counter and linen closet (one led to the other) and the clothes drawers of my 3 little ones.
I need to remember to take pictures next time!
I was so happy to have a free time to get it done I raced to get to work and forgot all about the camera!

My husband did do something special to brighten my outlook. He ordered this last week and it arrived today! I don't know if I will be taking it off any time soon, I love it so much!

I guess it is a happy start to the weekend!
What are you doing this weekend?
I am planning on finally starting my Urban Lattice Quilt.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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Diane said...

Love the pendant - so unusual; did he have it specially made? Duh, with the initials he would have had to.

Spring sent out teasers here, too. So very not fair. But we are supposed to get a storm Sunday that (so far) will be mostly rain, to wash away the dirty snow.

I'll make you a deal - if you start on your lattice quilt, I will try to finish the top to my Aqua Terra quilt!

Megan, Maggie, Mama said...

i love that necklace. it's gorgeous! what a sweet, thoughtful man (with good taste, too!)

Katharine said...

I am so with you on winter! We had a snow storm today that was crazy, when just last week it was warming up! Your pendant is beautiful, how thoughtful! Welcome to Company girls coffee, Have a great weekend,

Marianne said...

I am so glad to have found another imperfect blogger out here. My daughter likes to help when she feels like it and I think I spoil her a little by not letting her help me sometimes. But for a kids who is at school 6 hours a day and then has to come home to be homeschooled for another hour, I think it is important she has time to play. She does get to do chores on weekends however.
I really liked your post on keeping things real and that is what I strive to do on my blog.
I am your newest follower and can't wait to get to know you better.

Karen said...

I have a hard time with the seasons bouncing back and forth. I don't mind the winter, if it would just stay winter! We've been teased with a few days of spring, too.

The pendant is just beautiful.

Jen said...

Welcome to Company Girls! Spring can't get here fast enough!
I forgot to take pictures of my before and afters to, maybe next time. Good luck on your quilt!
Have a great weekend!

Milica said...

Thank you all for the welcomes!
@Diane- Deal! (spitting on hand for the formal deal-shake) I'm hoping to at least get everything cut out this weekend, if I get to start sewing it will be a bonus! The necklace was custom from Lisa Leonard Designs.
@Marianne- I know what you mean about play! I think kids miss so much today being over-scheduled and not having time to just be kids!I am looking forward to getting to know you too!

Kathleen T. Jaeger said...

I can relate to not being a winter girl. I grew in MN. I hated the winters there and always wanted to move south. Later, I moved to TN. It makes the winters much more bearable -- even when those around me mutter, I remember the days!

I have been enjoying the first glimpse of spring, too....thanks for stopping by my blog with such encouraging words to say!

Danyelle said...

Your necklace is very pretty! I've been hinting to my husband that I'd like a hand-stamped necklace similar to that, but he has not been picking up the hints I have been dropping.

secondofwett said... urban lattice to see the pattern for that one!...Very nice pendant and all the more special from your hubby! I'll be glad when we can go in short sleeves...I'm with you on the two days of winter!

One More Equals Four said...

What a sweet husband you have...definitely a good way to chase away the winter blues.

We have been blessed with a pretty week here, FINALLY but this weekend, we are now reaping the result of that...tornado warnings. We have already spent one evening with 6 people huddled in the half bath and are expecting more tonight...I cannot wait for spring!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend!