Monday, March 7, 2011


Tsh, over at Simple Mom, is leading the charge to simplify and organize our 5 most dreaded spaces with her Project Simplify.

The project starts today and lasts for 5 weeks. You have a week to work on the assigned space and we will be posting our before and after pictures on Fridays so there is plenty of time to sign up and get started!
And yes, I am a bit petrified of posting those "before" pictures! I'll feel a lot better looking at the "after"!

This weeks assignment - Your wardrobe and closet!

I have already sorted through to get rid of what I know I don't want, and although I did it about 6 months ago, I found I had an entire bag full of clothes to donate! (our donation site prefers bags to boxes)
Now the hard part (for me)- trying everything on and realizing what works - and what doesn't work and getting rid of what doesn't -  no matter how much it might hurt!

So head on over and join me in getting simplified!

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