Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You've Been Deputized.

March Madness needs help to keep it under control!

March surely is an aptly named month!
Getting ready for Spring to unfold is a lot of work!
(March, march, march along! Clean that! Open that! Pack up those! Plant that! Paint those! Sew that! Atten-hut!)

We are I am attempting a real change in how our household operates and over this next month. I will be implementing lots of little changes that I am hoping will add up to one big change in how things run around here.
I have been busily prepping for this change over the last month or so.

My family is well aware of my plans and they are mostly on board, but I think they are really expecting me to give up and just let things be the way they always have.

I am determined to bowl them over with my resolve and follow through!

This is where this little bloggy blog and you, my bloggy friends, come in ~

I need some help to accomplish this goal

I know myself - after a week or so I will have a rough day or two when, for some reason or another, things don't get done and then I will get behind, feel overwhelmed by it all, and just give up.

I need someone out there to hold me accountable.

So here is the challenge, if you choose to accept it-

I am going to list a bunch of goals over there in that little sidebar thingy doober. I am going to list my progress in posts and on the list. If you see me losing my motivation would you pretty please send me a little kick to get me going again in the right direction again?


I hereby solemnly deputize you to be my official motivational
Keister Kicker

I know you are up for for the challenge!

Now I am off to get to work and make your job easy



Zoanna said...

Company Girl here. I can appreciate your goals for March and the discouragement when I don't meet them==and the motivation (Keister kick!) I need. So I joined the Project Simplify over at SimpleMom.com. You have to post before and after pictures. I dread the 'before" ones! But I need help w/ follow thru. Want to join simplemom?

Milica said...

I'm all signed up and as ready for tomorrow as I can be!