Friday, April 29, 2011

Color Paralysis

I have to paint the Good Home. Right now the poor lady is languishing in awful plasterboard. I love, love, love choosing color palates and I have long had a color scheme in mind, but now that the moment is here, I am paralyzed with indecision.
I turned to good ol' Pinterest to check my likes.
My entry inspiration. We don't get much light in the entry so I want to keep it light and bright

my more general decor inspiration board

My kitchen inspiration board


Master Bedroom inspiration
Much of our lower trim is in bad shape and I will likely be painting it in a bright white. I am sure that I love white, soft yellow, blues - especially pale gray-blues, lots of black (or dark navy) on creamy white backdrops, with pops of color - especially green and bright turquoise/aqua.  I could even happily let in a bit of pink if it wouldn't cause my husband conniptions!

You think it would be easy! I have a favorite color palate that is pretty well defined, but NOOOOO!
Finding just the right blue or yellow or creamy white is a job for the strong willed not the indecisive waffler that I am!

I love Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams Paints, but my husband would probably have a heart attack when he saw the bill if I bought all my paint there! (we have 12 foot ceilings so we need A LOT of paint)
I am going to get good paint for a few areas that will get extra wear and tear - (and maybe sneak in the good paint to other rooms a bit at a time so it's not overwhelming our pocketbook)

1)The all-important first impression front hall
Right now I am leaning toward something along the lines of BM You are my Sunshine or SW Friendly Yellow. I want it to be soft though. We had an unfortunate experience with yellow in this current place that has frightened poor hubby off it all together. It has to be able to stand up to the lack of light and be cheerful warm and welcoming without being scary yellow. I really want the yellow color in the fireplace tiles but just a smidge darker, like the yellow door in the decor inspiration screen shot above.

2)The Kitchen
Right now I am leaning toward painting the cabinets a creamy white as opposed to a stark white with a pale blue with a bit of gray in it for the walls. I am debating not bringing the color all the way up the walls though, but just to the bottom of the top shelf to let artwork and vintage finds stand out more.

3) The Bathroom 
It has beadboard that will be white. The paint will go above the beadboard. I am debating a very pale grayed out purple in here since the towels we have now are purple and green and white. But I really want blue so we will see... but I want blue everywhere, so a change would be good...

Other than that I will probably buy some gigantic 5 gallon tubs o' white to get something up on the walls until we get around to more real decor choices.
Part of me just wants to slap up a bunch of the white on everything and call it a day...

Any advice on colors? Do you finding choosing colors a pleasure, or a daunting task? (I am firmly in both camps!)

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c.w.frosting said...

Definitely daunting. Fortunately I live in an apartment, and they won't let me paint! Looks like you made our choices though =)

-caroline @ c.w.frosting