Sunday, April 24, 2011

Devastation and Blessings

Happy Easter everyone. Along with the celebrations today we are dealing with even more here at home.
Devastating tornadoes ripped through St. Louis Friday evening.
I have rarely seen such destruction of neighborhoods. I have lived here nearly my entire life and we have tornadoes, but they have never really hit populated areas. This year we have had it happen three times already!

The pictures were taken at my sister and brother-in-law's house. (taken my my sister-in-law)

We are counting our blessings even more than usual today.
Thankfully no one was home, the damage to the home is repairable and they can actually live in the home once power is restored.
Thankfully they have plenty of family to stay with in the meantime.
Some neighbors weren't so lucky and are staying in shelters over this Easter weekend and have no idea when their homes will be safe.
Thankfully their church and the church school where they worship and their children attend school, just a block away, was spared.
The church on the opposite corner was destroyed.
Their neighborhood was full of huge trees and historic homes. Many of the trees were over a hundred years old. They were ripped up by the roots and thrown on to houses, into neighboring yards and on to cars. Roofs were ripped off entirely.
In other neighborhoods that were hit, entire homes were leveled. Reduced to splitered wood and shattered brick.
It is a miracle there were no serious injuries.

Just for comparison this is what the yard looked like the day they closed on it 4 years ago -

the grand old walnut tree
Seeing it now, it looks like another world.

But everyone is safe. It is a close community. The community will strengthen and grow from this experience.

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