Monday, April 4, 2011

Naive or Crazy - Buying a Fixer-Upper

We currently rent a townhome in the calm, quiet, boring suburbs.
We have just entered into an agreement to buy a huge 117 year old house in the City that needs MAJOR renovation.
When I say MAJOR I am not exaggerating!
Here are some pics I took today with my phone-
Window in the bathroom. Other bathroom pics were too blurry to use due to my holding a screaming toddler who would likely have went straight for the giant hole in the floor where the tub was once

This will be the kids room. It is HUGE and adjoins our room. Yes, that is a fire escape you see through the window. At one time this gem was a boarding house!

Another view of the kid's room

One of the lovely arched windows at the front of the house. This will likely be my sewing/craft room (yeah!!)

Same room as above. Isn't that door sweet? (just look past the junk, it's there!

Kinda scary steps to the attic rooms

Some of the lovely woodwork! Lots of elbow grease and this will be gorgeous!

Stained glass

Living room fireplace. Most of the tiles are there and will be replaced.

Dining room, looking into the sunroom

Kitchen. Hmm, something is missing... Oh yes, a kitchen

Fireplace in the Master BR. I am all about this! (that's the door that separates our room from the little kid's room)
My amazing brothers are working their butts off to get this house ready for us to occupy in 6 weeks on a non-existent budget. (We are helping, but they provide all the skill and talent here!)
They are astoundingly fantastic and I am forever grateful to them for everything they are doing for us! (I think it helps that we are going to be next-door-neighbors to my brother, Nick!)
We will have all the junk gone, it will be safe for the little ones and we will have at least a basically functioning bathroom and kitchen
As scary as it looks right now, I know in my heart there is a wonderful house just waiting to come out!
I can't wait to start this new chapter!


Nancy said...

welcome to the world of renovating. we are doing the same to a ranch style on 10 acres... I can' wait to move... Did you get to keep the treadle sewing machine I spied in the future sewing room?

Milica said...

I am definitely hoping to keep it!

Jackie Russell said...

This is an amazing house! I can't wait to see the renovatings. Yeap! I saw the treadle sewing maching too. I also saw the cute little table and beaveled mirror. I would love to find an old house like this to fix up. I think I watch too much HGTV and DIY.

Milica said...

I think the DIY network and HGTV have lulled me into thinking this is easily doable.
I mean, I never break a sweat watching any of those shows! LOL!
I am a bit terrified that I have bitten off more than we can chew here, but if it works out the way I am imagining it could, it will be worth it!
I will definitely be chronicling this adventure on the blog!